12.07.13 South Suburban Craft Fair

Devin Montagne's art was featured at the 34th Annual Juried Arts and Craft Fair [...]

12.03.13 Cabrini Parish Rosary Makers

Rosary Makers at Cabrini parish hosted a live performance painting by Devin Montagne [...]

11.15.13 Easter Seals's Season of Lights Gala

Easter Seals hosted a live performance painting by Devin Montagne, raising funds for those with disabilities. [...]

11.01.13 Denver Arts Week

Reve Dance hosted Devin Montagne at their Celebration of the Arts REVEALED event [...]

10.04.13 A New Addition to the Knights of Columbus Aggiornamento's Art Show

Devin Montagne's art was featured as a new artist addition to Aggiornamento, a group of Catholics devoted to building culture through art. [...]

10.04.13 An Evening with St. Therese

FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) hosted a live performance painting by Devin Montagne, raising funds to aid students in attending the FOCUS Conference, a retreat held every other year.

09.21.2013. Devin was hosted by RE/MAX Alliance of Arvada, CO

"It is the best thing we've done" for our Customer Appreciation Event, said the Manager of RE/MAX Alliance. The audience was amazed as they watched Devin capture the event in a painting, right before their eyes.

09.20.2013. "Diamonds in the Ruff" hosted by Freedom Service Dogs of America

Freedom Service Dogs of America honored, "Gander" a well known service dog during their fundraiser "Diamonds in the Ruff." As a tribute to "Gander" Devin painted a western image of "Gander" posing with a cowboy hat, handkerchief, and pipe.

09.06.2013. Access La Alma, Block Party

At September's first Friday (an evening for the local artists), the Open Media Foundation hosted Montagne Ministries at their Block Party. [...]

07.26.13 Denver Summer Brew Fest

Art, Beer and Conversation...the abc's of an artist's life was fulfilled right here at the Denver Summer Brew Fest! America's greatest brews, with America's greatest live art!

06.20.13 Greater Park Hill Community

An Evening of the Arts, a fabulous event filled with fun creativity as local artists, jewelers, and musicians added their own flaire to the evening.

06.14.13 Party, Peeps, and Poker

Seeds of Hope, organization designed to fund low-income schools, hosted a live performance painting by Devin Montagne, while several guests enjoyed Devin's talent, they played a few fun rounds of poker.

06.08.13 Clothes to Kids

Clothes for Kids hosted a live performance by Devin Montagne, raising funds to help school children have adequate clothing.

10.27.12 St. Joseph's Fundraiser

Devin painted live at the St. Joseph's of Fort Collins fundraiser, adding great entertainment and classy creativity to the environment of the evening.

05.23.2011. One Billion Stories featured "Just House Paint" with Devin Montagne

Seth DeMoor, founder of One Billion Stories, filmed a live performance of Devin Montagne. Check it out here!

07.19.2011. Speed Painting at the BBHC

Devin painted Buffalo Bill Cody at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center Devin painting Buffalo Bill