About Devin

Colors convert the canvas to a beautiful reality

An artist from Littleton, CO, Devin began his career at the turn of the century when a good friend asked him to paint an image of Jesus Christ, while a presentation was given. No brushes were used. Instead, Devin dipped his bare hands into the paint and applied it to the canvas. This style has since characterized his works in Acrylic. Depending on the size and detail of the image, Devin will usually finish off his paintings with the paint brush for the fine detail.

Today Devin paints in front of live audiences everywhere. Painting at parties, brew fests, fundraisers, weddings, and more! Devin's mission is "to have his art available to everyone, because everyone needs it." Beauty and art are two inseparable things. Devin seeks to share his talents and love of art through his performances. "Not just within the end result of a painting; Beauty is within the creation of it as well." ~Devin Montagne

Devin in the News

About Montagne Ministries

Who We Are

Montagne Ministries is the name to the action: Devin's live paintings are what we do. Our goal is to share the experience of live paintings created by the work of Devin's hands. Devin Montagne's artwork and live creations are the services we provide as a company.

Our goal is to share the creative process in watching art come to life.

Our Philosophy

"Beauty is within creation"

Devin Montagne, as an orginal artist, seeks to create beauty through his performances, through his art, and through doing what he loves. Devin's passion is paint. However, when only you as the artist benefits, what fun is that? Performance painting allows his passion to become something greater than himself, and allows the viewer to engage in the moments of creation.

The beauty and majesty within the creation of art is an incredible taste of life in its raw beautiful form.

At Montagne Ministries, we seek to share this experience with everyone.

The Portable Studio

In order to paint anywhere, Devin has a "portable studio."

The portable studio includes an easel, a 7'x 9' drop cloth, four cans of paint, and lights.

Set up takes about thirty minutes. Ready to begin, Devin dips his hands in the paint and creates art live. Devin will create a full portrait, city-scape, or image of your choice in approximately 2-4 hours during the course of an event, whether private or public.

Watching the painting come to life, is the best part!