Meet Devin

Devin Montagne

Devin Montagne is an artist from Colorado who seeks to share his passion for beauty and art through his art and performances.

Devin chooses to paint live in front of audiences because, as he would say, "it is a different experience when you see the painting created."

"Beauty is within creation"
~Devin Montagne


  • FundraisersWe love to help raise funds! Ask us how we can help.
  • ConferencesWe provide an experience you don't want to miss!
  • EntertainmentDevin's talent of painting live provides lasting entertainment for any event!
  • Other EventsFrom large venues to backyards, we've done it.

What's New

I am your Flosser

Devin has created images like this one for your enjoyment!

Our Philosophy

"Beauty is within creation"

Devin Montagne, as an orginal artist, seeks to create community andbeauty through his performances, through his art, and through doing what he loves. Devin's passion is paint. However, when only you as the artist benefits, what fun is that? Performance painting allows his passion to become something greater than himself, and allows the viewer to engage in the moments of creation.

The beauty and majesty within the creation of art is an incredible taste of life in its raw beautiful form.

Therefore, at Montagne Ministries, we seek to share this experience with everyone.

Coming Soon



Tolle Lege 4/26/14 - 6pm
Augustine Institute Coffee bar in Greenwood Village is hosting Devin at their canonization party.